Part 1: I Just Started Living

Part 1: Be more than your device. The world is absolutely changing but the earth is not. Nature hangs on for us and deteriorates because of us. We can control so much on our phones. Most importantly, we can set the tone of our life on our phones. Look at one of your selfies. Think of the truth in that moment. Most of my selfies are posed and taken by someone who doesn’t necessarily want to be taking pictures of me. How is that art? How is the girl you follow on instagram who’s getting paid to promote some tea benefiting you? Do not be defined by your finger which scrolls up and down that feed. Do not become engrossed in the tweets you read. Read a book. Read something that is educational and well thought out, not others complaining about school. Since when did it become frowned upon to read instead of watch tv or go on the computer. We are growing, we are learning, we are humans. Let us absorb all the world has to offer. The truth is that we can not rely on likes on an instagram post to make us happy. I used to post selfies on instagram in my dark moments so that those likes could boost my mood. Not myself but simply the double tapping of other’s fingers on my face, on my body. It was all a game that I was blind to. Those likes meant nothing and the sad part was that I couldn’t make myself happy. Nothing would. The likes would give me a boost of confidence.” Maybe those people wouldn’t bully me, leave me out, maybe they think im pretty”, I would wonder.. Why did this matter? Life will pass us by but we are worried about what artificial picture to post in what artificial filter and how many artificial likes it will get. I’m over it. Fill your lives with real people and real love.

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