Something Has to be Said

I would just like to thank Essena Oneill for changing her way of living and mine. It is so inspiring to see others pursue the truth.

My perspective:

Things will slip out of our hands because all we are holding onto is our phones. This generation is holding onto nothing. Instagram means nothing when you’re face is plastered all over the page and the words you write are copied and pasted. Is this the way you want to be remembered? Change the game. I’ve been thinking. I’ve always been a better thinker than speaker and it has impacted my life in so many ways. For one, my entire life I have been left out. I don’t understand, I didn’t understand, i’ll never understand why. The feeling of inclusion for me does not exist. I am on the outside lookin in and I am immune to it. I no longer face this the same way. I see this now as the opportunity to think beyond everyone else. Everyone who swept me into the corner and forgot about me. Everyone who thought that hanging out without me wouldn’t effect me or that asking if I was okay wouldn’t matter. I care so much that it hurts. For others, for myself, and for the world. I care that things get done, that people are happy, and that I am happy. The truth is, I try to be happy. I try because being happy isn’t always natural for me. Being left out drove me into a depression, an eating disorder, and many nights spent alone. I can’t change that but I can change everything else. My new perspective is something I hope to share and use to enlighten others. I want to be the reason you put your phone down and find happiness in yourself.

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