The Truth about Feeling and why it’s COOL

There’s something to be said for the artificial media and portrayal of ourselves. Is one really able to be happy all the time? I would say no. I would say people are happy and their sad, excited, nervous, worried, and angry. People are more dynamic than what a picture can show. In my Instagram posts, I appear to be happy and have all of these friends. In reality, it’s not that way. Sure, i’m happy most of the time and I do have amazing friends but that’s not what defines me. I have raw emotion, so much I could pour my heart out for hours in writing or in a one on one conversation. My voice seems to get lost in large crowds and on social media. As does others. Don’t lose yourself and keep your real emotions wrapped up in a device. Let the world see who you are. You have a gift inside of you to live and feel. Don’t keep that gift wrapped. Unleash it for the world to see because you are strong but you are not strong without a struggle. You have a story. Use that to inspire others and yourself in this life. The other day i released my emotions to my class which is something I thought I would never do. I do not view my raw emotions and tears as a mental breakdown or sign of weakness, yet the power to accept my problems and differences. I cried in front of my class because I was not embarrassed to share my story and to show that I have those emotions inside of me. I have never, in history heard of emotional people being praised but that can be changed. We don’t have to hide our feelings because feelings are real. We can all feel. So pour out your heart into your world. Fill your life with honesty and emotion.

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