It’s been too long.

I haven’t written up on here in a while. I am finally going to share this blog with the world because something definitely has to be done here. As I look around this december, I feel an unfamiliar warm winter and see a way too familiar mankind on their devices. I too have been a victim of experiencing both phenomenon’s this winter. My constant battle with social media is continuous. I want it and I hate it. My old soul cries within. And although I struggle with my priorities, I have never been more happy. I am absolutely surrounded by love. I let myself be this way as I always pushed people away but I’ve started to hold them closer. And so I’ve been leaving my phone at home. I guess I just like to create battles with inanimate objects and myself. To me this is better than wasting my time fighting with other people.

In addition, what weather we are having. I mean what the hell is going on? Is our world coming to an end? I don’t plan on living through the sixth mass extinction and neither should anyone else, especially those with children who may live through it. Take care of the environment even if that means a little more work. Whatever you believe created the world, is depending on you right now. I truly believe that this is our purpose and this earth that we were gifted is not a toy. Eat less meat because meat is the number one cause of deforestation. Even if you just cut it out of your diet one or two meals a day.

It’s been too long and so i have too much to talk about. Too many words, too many people, and i’m too happy. I love having a full life. Life is meant to be that way.

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