New Year for Health and Happiness

As I lay here, sick as a dog, I think back to the feeling of being healthy in 2015. This past year was amazing. I finally overcame my eating disorder, made so many new friends, and accomplished so much for myself. I ran on the cross country team and made the school’s musical. It is unfortunate that i must end this year on such a sour note. I don’t have a resolution for 2016 but I do wish to return to my happy and healthy self as soon as possible. Perhaps, once I feel better I will take a trip to the city or visit the gym more often. I’ve learned this year what it takes to make me happy and that’s all i could ever ask for. To know what makes you feel blissful is a blessing in itself. So take the time heading into this new year to reflect on your happiest moments of 2015 and the moments that will likely define your 2016. Surround yourself with the people that make you smile and laugh.

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