Discouragement in School

I swear there is an epidemic of anger/hatred in my High School. Everyone seems to be mad, disappointed, and bitter towards one another. Especially the teachers towards the students. Instead of praising students that do well, teachers choose to be downright nasty to the bad kids. This is something that normally wouldn’t phase me, as I am numb to it, but today I decided to focus on the attitude of my teachers and well, it wasn’t pretty. How is this helping students? Sure, I know teachers have shit going on in their lives too but that doesn’t mean you should be putting down students 24/7. There are only a few teachers I’ve had these past couple of years that have lifted kid’s spirits and helped them grow not only as students, but as people, and I thank those teachers from the bottom of my heart. Positivity is so important and I think we all forget that sometimes. We must all support each other as a community.

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