You Can Be Free.

I’m so sick of this BS that we are told all of the time. “Be yourself” or “don’t try to be like anyone else”. What the hell does that even mean? What if we don’t know who we are? We’re lost in this huge world of people and you’re telling me to “Be myself” when I don’t even know who that is. How about what Barbie taught us.. you know that doll we all played with at one point in our lives. Her motto? “Be who you wanna be!” and that, my friends, is the answer. That is the key to our dreams, the key we all forget about. Be WHATEVER the hell you wanna be. If you wanna be a singer, sing. You don’t have to be one personality or one person. You can be happy, sad, loud, quiet, graceful, etc. and that’s the beautiful thing about life. Only you know what you wanna do in this world. If that something is inspired by someone else, then fine! Why not feed off of someone else’s philosophies? When you take someone else’s ideas, you turn them into your own without even trying. Dare to be different, but don’t be ashamed to be the same. And fitting in is great, but maybe it’s not for you. You are free. Free. That word is everything.

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