Trust me, you don’t need makeup.

Sure, before I begin to derail the common myth that girls should wear makeup, I would like to just say that I love makeup. I think that makeup is an amazing way to express yourself and to change up your look a little bit. That being said, I believe that everyone should feel beautiful without it. Im sorry but you just gotta except what you actually look like and face the fact that you’re gorgeous. We all have imperfections but that’s what makes us special. Starting this year, I vowed to only wear makeup on special occasions and it’s been one of the best years of my life. When I go out without any makeup on, I just feel fresh and clean. When I get home at night I don’t feel dirty or like I need to wash my face off. I just feel like me. It also saves you a lot of time so I was able to pick up some more hobbies. Now, instead of spending 30 minutes in the morning on makeup, I like to read, write, do yoga, and meditate. These things just help me relax and keep a positive outlook on my day. The media makes makeup seem so essential for everyday life when it isn’t. Girls, boys will like you for who are. At least, the good ones will. And if you are just wearing makeup to feel good and confident everyday, then try going without it. See if you can use your inner power and beauty to become radiant, instead of using a mask. Take this challenge and wear no makeup for a week or maybe even a month! People might initially make comments like “you look tired” or “you look different” but don’t take them too seriously because people will say stupid things. If your appearance really what their focused on, then your missing out on the good people and meaningful friendships life has to offer.

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