Is Anything Really Innapropriate?

We are all self conscious at some points and so here goes nothing: stop. Stop caring about what others think of you. It sounds so cliche but honestly as long as you make the most out of every situation, you’re living. To make the most, you’ve gotta forget that others can think and judge . Pretend that they aren’t even capable. This doesn’t mean you should take shit about everyone or say offensive things but say everything you want to say that’s positive. The world doesn’t have selective hearing. You have the power to let the world hear you talk about what you love and not what you hate. So say what you wanna say, but don’t say what you don’t wanna do. Tell the guy who your crushing on, what you like about him instead of complaining to him about your mom. We go through a lot of the same things as humans and all we need to do is be there for eachother. So don’t hold back!

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