I’m Addicted.

I am addicted to deep conversations and performing on stage. My two favorite things in the whole world are these. Yes, I know I’m strange but I can’t be alone. Something about getting under someone’s skin, really getting to know them as more than what they show. That is the reason I live now because it’s so comforting to know everyone is ultimately, on the same page. Everyone can support each other through anything and that is beautiful. To know that you can touch someone’s life is an opportunity I will always take. The whole performing thing is just a way for me to be my whole self . Something about dancing, singing, and showing my true colors makes me so freaking happy. I love being in front of huge crowds and having the power to change the way they’re thinking or acting. I want to put smiles on people’s faces because God knows there’s nothing quite as rewarding as that. What you do with this information is in your hands but know that if you’re struggling right now to find what you love, it will come to you.

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