Write and Tell

We all have a story. Every person, object, and source of energy. That’s what makes us special. My toothbrush wouldn’t have been here if it weren’t for the money that bought it or the manufacturer that made it or the raw materials that make it up. There’s so much that goes into every little detail of ourselves and our whole lives. Don’t think for one second that you aren’t special, cool, amazing, or worthy. Everything you see is palpable, all you have to do is continue writing your story the way you want to. Tell people the sentences that make up you and continue to bless them with the kindest words of your soul. Be prepared to be open and never hold back. A good writer never holds back. Live to tell and tell to live and evolve. Don’t be afraid to say hi to strangers for they have stories quite similar to yours. Born into this world without a thought or care and only is it the way we are raised which shapes us. Underneath our covers we are all bound together by a glue which serves as our backbone of emotions and greatness. The only real stories come from reality and the potential to shape one another.

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