How I See It

We have one life. That’s it. You need to do exactly what you want with it. You can do or be anything you wanna be, no matter where you come from or who your parents are. You are your own person unattached to all of your surroundings, problems, worries, etc. The world will only work in your favor when you do. The world can seem like a dark and scary place but as soon as you see a light, grab it. Take everything in that brings you joy. Try new things because one day you’re gonna find something or someone thats iridescent and nothing else will compare. You must hold that thing or that person close to your heart. Keep working towards a goal for inner peace and happiness. Remember what you want and don’t let your own mind destruct you or let others get in the way. You have the map so guide yourself down the path of your choice. Take slow steps and breath in the air, feel it out. There is no rush but there is much to be taken in.

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