A Letter to Everyone Who Has Been a Part of my High School Experience

Dear whoever may be reading this,

If I met you in high school, you saved me. I didn’t know who I was coming into High School. I didn’t really know I was a human being. That I could feel every feeling, experience grief, and partake in activities that I’d only heard about. With only about 10 days left of school, I’m not even quite sure where I’m at. But without my teachers who taught me work ethics and discipline I wouldn’t be graduating in two weeks. Without my parents who raised me to be cautious but a dreamer, I wouldn’t have the outlook I have on the world outside of high school, today. Without my amazing friends, of whom I have gone through many throughout high school, I wouldn’t know what it is to anticipate a hard goodbye at the end of the summer.

I may have tricked myself into believing that I regretted part of my high school experience but without the downfall, I would have never been able to rise so high above myself. Everyday I struggle with the pressure to be perfect in this world but high school has taught me that I can only be me. I can only do so much and it’s made me question the challenge. Is a challenge in life really necessary or should we just go where the wind takes us? After meandering this concept for a long time, I have come to the conclusion that we should only push ourselves to do what makes us happy. And although I may sound like I’m beginning to go off topic, this has played a role for me everyday in school. Because although others may have viewed me as a “try-hard”, this work and studying that I do makes me feel accomplished. Productivity keeps my mind at peace.

High school was the biggest growth period for me since birth. I have attained more knowledge these past 4 years than I could’ve imagined. I only hope college offers me the same kind of journey if not more. I am leaving but I am leaving brand new. This is me for the rest of my life but this is not yesterday. This is only the beginning and I have everyone and everything to thank for that. Whatever exists now burns inside of me like a flame and I could burst of happiness from everything going on in my life at the moment. So again, as I move my tassel on graduation day, I stand still and for that one moment I am not a high school student, not yet in college, but some sweet spot in between where I may think of everything and nothing. Where I am not obligated to make any decisions or told to be decisive. I am just me, bathing in accomplishments and making use of the fresh air to breathe.

I’ll be here for now,


Brianna B

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