Why I’ll Never Get a Tattoo

There is always room for self-improvement. Looking back four years ago, I can’t even tell you who I was. So much has changed and I have come to realize that I’m not invincible. That’s the beauty in innocence. It’s that we never think we can get hurt or that our lives can be shaken. With all of these learning experiences heading my way, I won’t settle for a tattoo. I strive to learn more about who I am and why I’m here on earth each day. This summer I barely wrote and to be honest, I completely lost myself in the midst of my unwritten thoughts. I lost the upward progress I was making in my life but I’m hopping back on today and I’m never looking back. This train doesn’t stop in time and as I look outside the window and see the desert sky, I dream of what may be out there, waiting for me. I cannot mark myself with a moment in time that I’ll never get back that is a tattoo. Maybe there is no such thing as young or old but whether we are still learning or have reached self-actualization. We continue to evolve for eternity. I would rather leave my mark on the world in my time than have to display just one of the many marks the world has left on me for all time.

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