My Favorite Places: The Library

How many books fill your shelves? How many words, letters, stories untold? The library is a never ending storybook with millions of people who have unknowingly collaborated overtime. The library is where I can immerse myself in nostalgia, and fall into fiction as if it were real. It makes me dream about how we are all so different yet so alike in that when we open our pages, others will listen. It reminds me that there is always going to be a reader for my story. That no one can’t write or can’t speak. The library is silent and allows me to think clearly. I love every bit of watching others study as I become distracted. I love that if all else fails, I’ll hide behind a bookshelf in misery. That libraries can be so untouched and yet so available. I have a thing for exploring the unknown and for digging deep into the pits of neglected stories. I want to know everything about everyone, but sometimes to get passed the surface level, you need to write or read. The library is endless and so are we.

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