October Heat

Hm, funny. “October Heat”.. It sounds like the name of some weird boy band.  What I’ve realized, during the surprisingly sweaty month of October is that all of a sudden, tomorrow matters. My whole life was based on today. The tests I took, the boys I fell for, and the stupid decisions I made (because lets face it we all make those). All of it suddenly matters for my future and I’m not going to let that scare me away. Because if you’re scared you’ll fail a test, you’ll procrastinate the work, put it off, and get it out of mind. But if you believe in yourself, and know that tomorrow, you’ll be okay because no matter what, life goes on.  While we’re here we must make the most of it. So if you’re hot today, don’t let the heat keep you inside. Embrace the warmth of the sun for it’s all we have in this great world of ours. And if what you’re doing now is not something you’d do tomorrow, then rethink it. Really ask yourself if this makes you happy, or if it is a mere distraction from the fear that lies beneath it.

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