Is Life that Simple?

i begin to wonder whether or not leaving a mark on the world is so important. To make something of myself seems stupid, I am something. How can someone not be something? I love what I am doing, in this game. That’s right, life is merely a game to play with. It’s at all of our fingertips and sits with joy and acceptance. If everything is art then art is everything we do, and so therefore you are always making something. Because life is a game, the fear that you get stepping forward, changing reality, should not be focused in on. Instead, find clarity in progressing as you make your way to the finish line. We fail to acknowledge that security is just a blanket, that we can take it off and risk our lives. To fear death and poverty are to fear life itself. The power it holds over us makes it seem as if we are player’s in its game but that is not the case. We are playing life’s game and if we view it that way we can say that death shall not be the focus. It is the present that we can focus on, and that is all. So yes, life is that simple and a worry is our way of complicating things- the future, time, work, are all ways in which we measure success but none are real. We like to organize things, but we have forgotten to dance the whole way along.

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