Life Goals

yesterday, in class, I was asked what my “life goal” was. To have a single goal, I thought, sounded so funny. Like, you’re asking me to choose one path for my life? I decided to go with “being happy” because what else is life for? My professor asked if I was happy already.. and then I remembered. life is not a journey. Ah, applying my knowledge of life in the classroom for the first time felt so relieving. I replied with a “yes, I guess I have already achieved my goal. And now, well, I’m just chilling”, and I have never felt so good. People have a problem with being content with who they are, or is it that they can’t stand seeing others who are happy? I find this interesting as I believe that life should be easy. Yes, I’m taking calculus and chemistry, but after I study for hours upon hours, they become easy. And the time spent studying is pleasant, as I love to problem solve and to learn. After I responded to the life goal question, the rest of the class followed. Except with career goals- such as “lawyer” and “engineer”. How can a life goal be the same as a career goal, I thought. Do I know something that none of these other kids do? That life is not about an end goal or a career or money. Sure money can buy happiness in some ways, but it is not necessary to focus on that. I know I’d go insane if I did. So ask yourself if you really need to achieve something or if you may let that career reach to you and inspire you!

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