This is a Diary Entry.

I have no doubt that I’ll be sharing my life with the world in someway or another in the future so why not start here? This event that we call life had bubbled up inside of me and overflew me on Tuesday. I couldn’t breathe, think, and I certainly couldn’t tell you why. I was like a fish out of water. So I’m changing my major and so I have no idea what direction I’m headed in. This scary thought was hindering over my bedhead Tuesday morning when I woke up. What is it that my future looks like? Ah the age old question: WHAT AM I DOING? I feel as if my niche has not yet been discovered and I wonder if it ever will be, or if I am needed in this community. I try to remember that I am here for some greater reason but I cannot reply to it or honor it. I lay in bed for hours until I realize that I just have to move. To move and to do what I absolutely, positively love. Time is a concept and I am not on a clock. No one is waiting for me to finish this chapter of my life. The trick to all of this overthinking is to just do and so that is what is done. Loved ones, music, places, and let it engulf you. Fall in love with it all..

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