Not Knowing is OK

At this point, I do not know how I will be making a living in 5 years from now. The beauty of this time is that I can truly be and do whatever it is I please. Sometimes kids my age get caught up in what they are “supposed” to do. However, since my recent trip to LA, I have discovered that no one actually knows what they are doing, especially at a young age. The most important key to living as a millennial, is to do more than one thing. You are not tied down to studying one specific job and your skills are needed everywhere. It is okay to dream and if you are afraid to admit that you have dreams, I recommend watching the movie LaLaLand for some inspiration. 🙂

Being in LA also inspired something new, my Youtube Channel where I will discuss everything from life, to boys, to college, and to fashion. Let me know what you think so far!

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