Breakfast- it sets a foundation for your day.

The day is not over when your tired eyes receive a daunting email from an employer, professor, or colleague.
It begins when you place your device faced down and look outside. You can tell it’s morning without looking at the time on your clock- A superpower gone unrecognized! This is the moment where action determines determination.
What are your goals for the day? What did you promise yourself you’d change? What will you do with your precious time?

You do not have to have the answers, the location of the finish line, or the meaning of it all.

You just have to do the things that keep you feeling inspired and bring out the light in you. If you look back it will be the things you didn’t do that you will regret, so DO!

Creating a list of “morning rituals” as I like to call it, and follow that list until it becomes routine. Surely, one should not relive the same day, everyday but when you find a ritual that works, there is no harm in keeping it around. Rituals such as meditation, listening to music, going on a run/walk, or even journaling can provide a strong foundation for the day ahead.

I find that when I go out of my house before I have done something to relax such as play guitar, I am not quite myself. And so that ritual acts as a reminder for who I am and what I want out of life.

Take your time and do not rush through what you love.

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