Reborn- B(ri Born)

See what I did there?

Nobody said that birth is easy. It is natural, however.

Each day we wake up to a sunrise and a rising flame to greet with the roll of wrists.
The flowers are in your kind favor and the trees are still growing towards the sky.
The earth allows you to make strides and keeps you grounded
or the way gravity wants you here instead of up in space.
These are your key components of today and they have not even met you yet.
Every second is a knock at your door to wake up.
The breath you take measures time and the possibility of life.
The inhale like ecstasy and the exhale like a song.
Energy emanates from your titillating mind of complexity.
Another moment to act and spread love.
All of these gifts given by a stranger.
Who does not know your intentions or your past.
You are brand new to your future.
Bad days have past, you do not belong in one.
The good has come to stay and may you forever be at peace with yourself.

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