“It Tastes Good” Isn’t Good Enough.

Today I decided to opt out of the meat and poultry lab in my Foods Lab Class.

Actually, after almost shedding a few tears when the chicken was placed in front of me, I refused to participate. I will never be the reason why someone is eating a sentient being. I will never stop standing up for what I believe in.

Everyday the weather reminds me that there is a serious issue going on with our planet. Bigger than the most powerful humans on earth, something not even money can fix. That thing is Global Warming and it starts with our plates, believe it or not.

As much as you want to deny it, the leading cause of greenhouse gas emissions is factory farming.
“But what about grass-fed organic cage-free humanely slaughtered animals?” They Say.
There is no way that we can sustain that many animals on spread out pieces of land. There is just no way. Also, WTF is humane slaughter.. I mean SERIOUSLY..
There is no “humane” way to chop off a head or kill another sentient being who can feel pain, fear, and has a family of its own.

So why do people continue to display ignorance in the face of meat? Because “it tastes good”. Well you know what? That’s not a good reason at all! Think about slavery. Sure, it was a common practice among plantation owners and it helped them save money! But was it right? No.

History has repeatedly shown that tradition is not always the right thing to practice. We must strip our actions down to the core and see if they match up with our beliefs.

I know plenty of pet owners who are also meat consumers. What is that about?! So it’s okay to love one animal but kill the other? You really can’t criticize other cultures for eating dogs when you eat animals that are just as smart, if not smarter than dogs.

Meanwhile, since when is it normal to eat animals? I mean who, as a child, looked at pigs and thought of biting into it with bare teeth? Not one of us. That’s because we know the difference between animals and food. Humans are not carnivores, we are also not omnivores.

What about your protein?! Ah the old protein question always comes up. Well, guess what: beans, quinoa, grains, and vegetables all have protein and when you put them together, VOILA! You get complete proteins. As long as you eat enough of the RIGHT foods (whole foods/ Plant based) you will remain healthy as a vegan! I mean, common people, have you ever heard of protein deficiency ? That’s because it doesn’t happen often. The industry wants you to buy all of its protein bars, shakes, etc. (it’s basically a fad).

Eating vegan has actually been shown to be much healthier for you so you cannot argue that eating meat is healthier. Red meat is a carcinogen while vegan diets have been shown to reduce the risk of cancer, and reverse cancer itself.

A vegan diet reversed my arthritis and if you google any disease with the word vegan next to it, you’ll see the many success stories others have shared online with their vegan diets!

So don’t tell me that “it tastes good” because there are vegan alternatives to every meat. You know you don’t need meat. It’s a dependence, an addiction to dairy. Even though most people are lactose intolerant nobody thinks for a second that maybe we weren’t supposed to be the only species that drinks the milk of another? I think it’s funny that most people are still breastfeeding and don’t care!

Dairy cows are unwillingly artificially inseminated and if you ask me, this is rape. I don’t care if you can’t live without your ice cream. It is so easy to give up milk, so much easier to do that then for the cow to escape her horrific fate of a short life, only living to produce milk for calves she’ll never meet.

Her calves will be torn from her side right after birth as they cry and scream out for their mothers and the mothers the same. Imagine the agonizing, heart-wrenching pain. All for your damn ice cream.
I’m sorry you’ve been brain washed to think your pretty frozen yogurt was always that tasty.

Think this through. Vegans are not crazy for wanting change. We are simply aligning our morals with our actions.

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