Why YOLO doesn’t work.

YOLO- you only live once.
Yes, this is true.
However, you must first know what you want in order to use this motto. Otherwise, you’ll be steering away from goals in your life in order to make stupid decisions. Going out to parties every night has little substance and meaning. Life will hit you one day as you continue to live that way. Instead, you must be set on what you want, and do everything in your life to launch you towards that goal.
So what about having fun?
Think about a feeling of accomplishment you’ve had in your life.
Maybe you helped someone overcome a depression, or worked hard to receive a promotion. That work that you put into your goals, worth every minute! You see, this fear of missing out, that life is to short so you have to do crazy things, are they really benefiting you or those around you? Try to focus on what, who, and where will allow you to reach those goals..
whether they may be health, family, financial, or school related…
keep pushing.

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