Get Dumb.

Stop waiting to learn, to embrace what you don’t yet know. Remember that none of us know what happens after death, or if death is even a means of the end. We are all equally unaware ad unbothered. If you can recognize this, than not knowing doesn’t seem too bad. Not knowing, in fact, is something to be proud of. Are you afraid to talk to someone because you don’t know them? That makes it all the more better. You have so much to ask them, and believe me, people love to talk about themselves. Never feel ashamed to ask questions, whether you think they may be too personal or not.

Sometimes things are better left untouched, and so there are some situations in which we must let flow. Lets say someone we love is going on an unknown trail into the woods. There are many caution signs we can put up for them but fear is boring. Fear holds us back from letting go and trusting one another. So let them take their path. You may ask them why, but not with the aim of making them feel lesser or regretful, but with the goal of understanding what brought them there. Then you must send them off on their way.

“Turn a lack of expertise… into an asset”(unknown)

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