Light Yourself on Fire

We all have a flame somewhere inside of us. As I spoke with someone who inspires me daily, yesterday on the phone, she explained this phenomenon. You see, a lot of people face rejection and so hold an unlit candle until the day they die. The key to life you see, is to focus on what lights that flame. What can you ramble about for hours and who do you surround yourself with? Are these people intellectually stimulating? What about where you are, is this space your reality? I swear you only get this life, so please don’t let your candle burnout. Do not fear rejection, do not fear the things that are harmless. By fearing rejection, you are turning it into an object.. you are giving it life, you are bringing it into your realm of reality. But in fact, rejection never existed. The time, you measured with failure, can be erased from your life, but only you have the power to dissociate your life from failure. Only you can choose to keep your flame standing and power through. You may not end up “rich”, or in some peoples words “successful”. But that is such a lie because if you do what you want, you are successful in the act of doing.

We have one life, what will you do with it?

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