Hello (Pt. 1)

Solar System
(Fame/Class/Role)-all socially fabricated.

We are so small, and yet we worry that there is more to make, always more that we need to do to be good enough. The truth is, we are all just specs, here to keep things in order (funny how we have trouble doing so). Not one of us is “better” than the other.
As I navigate my large University and step into the ‘real world’ a reoccurring thought keeps whispering in my ear, ‘you can’t talk to this person or do something because you’re not good enough!’. It’s wild because I know this isn’t the case, but for some reason this fear still haunts me. The best thing to do is take that negative, fearful thought, and place it in a draw in your mind because fear does not make decisions for you. Instead, it’s important to remember that we are all just playing roles in this world. Without each other, without you, without me, none of this would exist. So just relax, take a step back, and watch the magic happen. Somehow something has brought our little bodies together and all you have to do now is say hello. Introduce yourself, and then from there if both parties care enough, and act on it, a friendship will bloom. The trick is that in each conversation you have, both parties should benefit. That is a friendship, a symbiotic relationship in which either both people can have fun, learn something new, or benefit in some other way. That is it. It’s so simple and anyone, and I mean ANYONE can be friends with ANYONE. Just get out, say hello to everyone you want to, and watch the magic happen.

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