How to Never Procrastinate Again.

What do you want? Write it down, and put all of those things at the top of your list. When you begin to get distracted from your work, or are asked to do something that may not be your cup of tea, ask yourself “Is this a priority?”. If the answer is no, put it away and do something that is IMPORTANT to you. Even if you cannot pin point one thing that you want, one life goal, you can still do this. When you begin to binge-watch Netflix, when you should be writing a paper, ask yourself which is more important, what do you REALLY want to finish? What will benefit you most in the long run?

Procrastination truly comes from fear, that is: the fear that we can’t do it, or that something is too hard. The truth is, if we never try- how do we know? Well, I guess it’s easier to not try and take a failure, than to try and fail. But in the long run, you will learn so much more when you try new things. When you keep your mind active and working, you will ultimately gain better work ethic, and the ability to problem-solve. So in fact, as long as you try, you should be proud of yourself. Like my parents always told me: “As long as you do your best”… I would generally get this response to my freaking out before tests/quizzes/finals. Do your best and don’t come down from loving yourself.

Writing lists and holding yourself accountable for that schedule is another way to keep up with work. That isn’t saying that you need to work faster or slower, it just means that you can allow yourself small breaks between tasks. Your mind should never be in overdrive so find healthy ways to reward yourself. Whether that is with a book, spending time with friends/family, or painting…- just find something that allows you to relax, without completely shutting down, or that will make you feel shitty afterwards.

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