Getting High on Life

Drugs. They’re everywhere, and they make for great stories, focus, and high energy. They break down the walls of fear and worry. How wonderful.

But why can’t you do it without the drugs? The answer is, you can.
In fact, everything is brighter when you have a clear mindset, and you can gain something from everything that goes into your body. You can do MORE without them, trust me. Personally, I have never gone through any struggles involving drugs, nor have a done anything really.. but I have seen the effects. Why would you choose to hold yourself back from being your best self, from being able to wake up early and work hard towards your goals. << Watch this. James Aspey, one of my favorite animal rights advocates talks about his struggle with drugs until the age of 24. He completely turned his life around by giving them up, and turning them in for the ability to change his life for the better. He is super inspirational and talks about how one epiphany completely confirmed that he no longer needed drugs, nor did he want them.

Move from the light to the light, not the light to the darkness.

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