Re Born

Forgiveness is essential
To the impending break through in self-love.

Apology is not.

How to keep up with one’s self when their mind is chaos?
Ride the wave, and never abandon the senses
Hear the music, touch the breath of air.

So do not say sorry
or shake your head in despair
I have changed, too
since the last time you saw me.

Or did we just learn something new about ourselves?
These epiphanies happen when our hearts lay wide open.

That was yesterday, when your hands outlined my body.
The moon almost captured that moment from my memory,
Why did I hang on so loosely?
Manifest emotion one day at a time
Whatever it is, embrace it, hold onto it.

Life cannot be full or empty, if you cease the idea.
It just is and is us.

Though the roads we have paved below us may appear unbending and flat,
a road with a clear destination, a journey made for the end,
is neglected and empty- dull and grey.

If we choose to dance along, stop for new experience,
and dare to depart in a new direction,
the road will have been tramped on carefully- each step in a beautiful innocent manor – leaving a gradient rainbow behind.
The colors get deeper with each new found love,
Perhaps, eyes are placed in the front of our heads for a reason
there to capture forever moments
and travel on that way
sort of like the way people walk through puddles in the rain
when they are seeing water for the first time.

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