One Year Ago

One year ago

I was unaware:

I would fall in love over again and again

see a light

go to Los Angeles

meet my favorite people I would ever meet.

wish for more time, wish to live more

be the sickest I’ve ever been

be the healthiest I’ve ever been

learn how things work

make things happen on my own

have my first internship

study journalism/media

interview more bands

see my favorite Youtuber as I walked out of a bathroom

be a Youtuber

work at a concert venue

record my very own song

make the worst mistake I’ve ever made

Almost go to Europe

make/lose a best friend

walk right into a bar, no questions asked

kiss someone I’ve had a crush on for 3 yrs.

be in a green room w/ a real life power ranger

be on the board of a vegan club (not surprising tho)

leave the country for the first time

crash a Moroccan wedding party

and get written up twice.

I’m doing things, I guess I’m living.


There’s so much one year can do, and so much time can give. Or is it that you allow time to give? or that you allow yourself to get?

You just get. In one year you get a lot.

And that, is enough. And that is the blessing of life and the gift of being present.





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