Window Widow

Window lady

On a sill,

Looking thrilled

She sees it all.

The future’s sky

Is passing by,

But in her mind

It is her fill.


It soothes the things sticking through the skin

and mends the bridges burnt within.

Now her head can hear the pumping heart,

for the exhale of life, will not tear her apart.


Window lady

six patches line her back

When one day she falls,

her wings shatter and crack.


And now she is broke

So she sells them like that.


She has nothing.


But she sits on the sill

The clouds are a couch

Eyes closed, sitting still.


Window lady

Is living a dream.

She’s living a dream

She didn’t dare to ask for.


On a gleem of light

She meets the man of her life

Runs away into his arms, in the dead of night.


Holding on until he is no longer a man

but a light.

Window lady

turns dreams into flights.

Sits still, she loves the light.

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