Music of the Month + January Told by “That’s so Raven”


January can be cold, bittersweet, and bland. Especially on the east coast, where the beaches are unusable, and the summer is neither lost in our memories, nor too far into the future.

We’re all trying to keep up with resolutions, while also balancing school work, friends and family. It’s safe to say that Raven saw this crazy month coming…
#relatable #thatsoraven #gifs

As soon as you step outside, and Jack Frost nips at your nose.
10 degrees?! Oh nip snap patty wack!

You refuse to face the cold, so you attempt to cross things off your bucket list from the comfort of your own home…
giphy (1)
Making the most of break baby!

NGL, we love an ICE QUEEN.
Frosty lip- Check.

Going back to school after break + showing your friends all the cool new things you learned how to do.
The worm, the sprinkler, maybe the moon walk…

And you already need support after the first week of classes…
Mom? Dad? Eddie? Chelsea?

Class work piling up? Don’t fret- I’ve got you covered. Music is just a click away…
My “Jamming January” playlist:

Don’t forget to look up!
See you next month,

Adios for now.. also the song “Adios”. Check it out.

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