The Dead Flowers Live in New Brunswick

The New Brunswick music scene is alive and well.

Regardless of what it may have been, the New Brunswick music scene is thriving. Bands, local and touring, are pouring through the basement cellar doors, leading to the genesis of unprecedented sound. The focus of these “show houses,” quickly pans to the heat emanating from the bright LED holiday lights, projector screens, bodies, and, most importantly, the rocking music.

On Saturday February 2nd, 2018, The Dead Flowers were playing down under New Brunswick. Everyone who could remember the date, time, and most importantly, the address, was there. Everyone who lives for the New Brunswick music scene, and wasn’t there, wishes they were. Friends come flooding through the squeaking door, and the band members hauled their equipment straight through the crowd, settling it off to the side of the “stage.”

The first four acts of the night didn’t necessarily, “set the stage,” for The Dead Flowers, the fifth and final act of the night. During the time between the fourth band and TDF, twenty more young men who were friends of the final band, piled on into the poster-covered basement. And when the band finally arrived to the front of the room, there was an unspoken togetherness in the room for the first time all night.

The venue had more lighting and equipment than an average NB basement, appearing as if it were anything but DIY. You wouldn’t know this was a basement show, if it weren’t for the exclusively close (practically no) proximity between the band and its devotees.

As soon as the band begun their set, the energy in the room dwindled from side conversions, and shifted towards the elevation of excitement inside all of the participants (band & crowd). Some were seeing The Dead Flowers for the first time, but they, too, followed the pack of long-time fans in refocusing their attention to the band. Even if they had no intention of devoting themselves to the set, the music had kind of “guided” them there anyways.

The Dead Flowers
Mike Parry, Vocals/Guitar, The Dead Flowers, 2/02/18

The band opened the night with “Roses in the Road”, one of the, if not the most well known song by the band. When you hear it, everyone knows what’s in the air. Beginning with this song tells a story. These are the band’s roots, blood, place of origin. This song sounds different in New Brunswick, and The Dead Flowers came to remind us that.

Press Play to Paint the Picture..

Zach Tyler, on vocals and lead guitar, turns his back to play what will be his heart out, and the backdrop behind John, the drummer, falls to a red hue.

They’ve just set the stage for themselves. It doesn’t really matter who’s played before or after them, all that matters is right now. People recite the lyrics back to the band,”Shannon worked for her father…”. But it’s clear that the band is so much than their lyrics. Each member of the band is engaged completely in their instruments, doing their “jobs” with 100% of what they’ve got. Mike, the lead singer also keeps an eye on the crowd, smiling at faces zoned into the craft, humbling any thoughts that have gone beyond the music.

Kids piled up on the couches surrounding the sides of the stage, in awe.

“So, that’s what good music sounds like…”

“Roses in the Road” bleeds into “Drivin’ on Down to Tennessee” bleeds into “What’s Your Name”, and before you know it, The Dead Flowers have charmed you through their set, narrated by Tyler’s guitar. At the height of the set, Tyler makes his way into a circle of enthusiastic fans, hitting every note, back on his knees, solidifying the moment as a great one.

Zach Tyler, The Dead Flowers, 2/02/18

It’s clear that this band has raw talent, and has been taking their time, mastering their performances together. Each time I see them, I can expect a better performance than they’ve delivered prior, because they seemingly give just that.

It’s safe to say that everyone in that crowd was on the same page.


Have you seen The Dead Flowers live?! If so, let me know where in the comments.

The Dead Flowers:

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