Header Image (Week 5)

1. The header image conveys to my website visitors that the main theme of the site is going to be music. I want the users to know what they are getting into when they arrive on my page. The moon is simply a pop of color which I feel is eye-catching and may draw people in. I plan on updating the header every few months, so I felt that the moon went well with Halloween season, which is right around the corner. This method lets people to know that my website is up to date. My target audience of hiring managers or students will know that the site is going to revolve around music by looking at the header.
2. The images I found, from Pexel.com, are labeled for reuse with modification, according to their original site and through a filtered Google search. I was then able to save the header, which indicates that it is legal for me to reuse the images.
3. The production process for this image is simple. First, I opened up Adobe Illustrator. I created two layers, one for each image, and finally, I removed the background of the moon to overlay the music image. As Manovich discusses, “…layers can also act as containers for element s that potentially may go into the composition…”(Manovich 2011). Before deciding which images I wanted to use, I added a few others into different layers to see which I liked best. This was an easy and effective way for me to switch in and out the images, on top of one another.
4. Unlike a bitmap, that is, “a program that constructs images as grids of pixels selected from a limited palette of colors and composed with a small set of mouse-directed tools.”(Davidson 2015), Adobe Illustrator uses a wide range of tools and colors to create exactly what the creator is envisioning. In Illustrator, “Jaggies” or the, “…consequence of representing images as bitmaps rather than geometric objects,”(Davidson 2015), are not apparent and tools such as shapes, 3d images, and text are available to use.

Header image sources: Moon_Blue by Deviant Art (https://www.deviantart.com/clipartcotttage/art/Moon-Blue-Png-Clipart-443259067) and Music by snapwiresnaps.tumblr.com from Pexels (CC0 License)(https://www.pexels.com/photo/audio-e-guitars-guitars-music-6966/)

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