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Week of 1/21/18
For my first “Artist of the Week”, I welcome you to the world of Shoobies.

From the depths of South Jersey (in my eyes)- or Bayville, NJ, Shoobies bring a fresh sound to the indie rock genre. Why spend hours trying to pinpoint their genre, when you can call it ‘soft grunge, indie love-rock’. From Shoobies was born a sound like that kid in in high school who could be placed into any clique, who was friends with everyone, but ultimately stood alone. Keep an eye out for show announcements on their website and socials, which are all linked below this post. This band puts on a MUST SEE live show.

Press play for a cure for heartache & an urge to dance:

Shoobies// Sunflower🌻
This song/video represents Shoobies fairly well. As they play through a field of sunflowers, using innovative ways to soften rock, the Shoobies channel their frustration into the free-flowing waves of color and music that is this video:

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